Easy to Make Tracking Pixel with Google Adwords

One of the most common questions I get from people, even people who have been in the affiliate marketing game for a couple of months, this is the best way to track which keywords are converting.

Now there are tons of ways to track your keywords and not as hard as most people think, his only difficult to find good information about how to do it. So in that spirit, this issue was born. Now this seat will speak specifically on the monitoring of keywords that are becoming your Google AdWords. Once again there are other ways, including the use of PHP, the board in home monitoring, and more.

This method is completely free and easy to install which is why I wanted to show. His will need a few things in order for this to work.

First, you need a supply of advertising allows the advertiser to a pixel on its website. Most companies now allow APC is included, Azoogle, NeverblueAds, Copeac, and others. The best way to know if your company or affiliate is not simply ask your manager related companies.

Second, you must have a Google AdWords, of course, hence the title of the blog!

To begin Log in to your AdWords account. Once you log on top of the navigation bar, you’ll see a link that says track conversions. Click on this link and you’ll see the next screen.

Since the previous screen, you must check the box that says other and click Continue. The next page you see after his arrival is as follows.

On this page you can choose how Google Sites Statistics button will be on the supply side of the page. Normally, always chooses a white background with black text. Having chosen what can go ahead and click Continue again.

On the next page, you can select the language, the website (ie http:// or https: / /) and also the code you’ll need to copy and give your head Partnership to put on the site of you. Whenever I used what has always been http:// security. However, be sure to ask your first AM to insure. Frankly, I’m not sure that makes a difference or not.

Here is a screenshot showing this part of the third page of the language, site security, and code.

Now go ahead and give their code of pixels on its director and it takes place in the provision of the page. They know where to go. Having positioned to move forward and continue to push and get a screen that says “Your new tracking setup AdWords is completed. Today, the test results.” Now, of course, the only test is wait until someone clicks on one of its AdWords ads and complete the offer. However, if you made the road above instructions and its subsidiary site manager of the pixel on the right that there should be no problem.

Warning: Some people do not like this type of monitoring that Google has all the data on which keywords are converting. Using this method on a large number of campaigns that have been distributed for months and I’ve never seen anything bad happen. Its entirely up to you if you track your keywords in that way or not. However, it is a free and easy way to track which keywords are converting for you and if you do not know how PHP or unwilling to pay for another piece of tracking software, is certainly better than no Monitoring your keywords at all.

In addition, AdWords conversion tracking allows you to configure your non-AdWords campaigns that will see the link on the last page. His so-called tracking. I have never personally used his tracking so you can not answer the question whether its good or not, but if it does not follow your Yahoo or MSN with your other half is worth a look!

Last but not least, here is an example of how it looks with the AdWords conversion tracking.

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